The Crying SE1

Emotions in the work place are strange. I understand we are all emotional creatures and we can’t ignore our feelings, but I think we can all agree that there is a time and place for expressing emotions; wether they are excitement, anger, sadness, or joy.

It’s often said that women are more emotional than men. While I don’t think that is true, I do see women expressing certain emotions more often. Argue with me on that if you wish.

However, I haven’t really noticed women in the workplace being overly emotional. I’ve had the strange experience of mostly working with women. Since my teenage years at a grocery store, I’ve been surrounded by a majority of women at work. I’ve even had jobs where I was the only man. I’ve also had jobs where I was one of two in a department.

I’m no stranger to working with women at all. I have zero problem with it. I only mention my work history in relation to men-to-women ratios to say that I haven’t had an issue with emotional women at work. This may be a surprise to some people. It breaks a persistent stereotype.

Things have taken a weird turn. Now that I’m in a primarily male dominated field, I have to deal with the ‘diversity hire’ I introduced last time.

And she is fucking emotional.

And I goddamn mean it.

If you’re involved in software in any capacity, you’re well aware that sometimes, features get scrapped or replaced. Right? You could get assigned a task, work on it, perhaps complete it, and the customer comes back with different requirements and requests.

Your code doesn’t make it to production. Woopty-fucking-doo, right? You get paid regardless.

Not the Diversity Hire.

Recently, she implemented a feature (that took way to damn long for her to complete for what it was) that was scrapped. Our PM tells us about the change in scrum. What does she do? She fucking cries.

She cried because her work wouldn’t get used.

I have never heard of someone taking a feature change that hard. It’s not even a major feature in a big project. It’s some janky side project that was requested and whipped up in a few weeks. It’ll be used for a couple of months and then be dead. Who cares?

And this is the tip of the god-damn cunt stained iceberg. Stay tuned for a shit show of a post in the near future.

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