Surefire Way to Identify the Dead Weight (a guide for managers)

So you’re some kind of manager at some bull-shit software company. Cool. Good for you. You’re always trying to optimize and maximize. But for some reason, you keep doing retarded shit like throw more people at a project, add features, and waste time with useless meetings.

I’m going to provide you with a 100% tried and true method to identify dead weight on a software team. I expect you to send me 10% of your annual savings if you use my process.

So what can a manager/team lead/etc do to find the biggest drag on the team?

Here it is: follow productivity during people’s time off.

Ever notice when a certain employee takes a few days, and suddenly a ton of shit gets done? That’s because that employee is not only bad at their job, but pulls everyone else down.

Do what you will with this info.

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