Merry Christmas, Devs

It’s finally Christmas. I’m sitting here trying to make some obnoxious bots to generate some passive income. I see it as my only way out. It’s a terrible thing to spend a day meant for family and friends working on code. But if I want peace of mind in the future, I need to grind.

Like most robotic, 1st world shitheads, I try to set some goals for the upcoming year. I’ve gotten pretty good at lowering my expectations enough to hit them; however, his upcoming year may be a real challenge.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m sick of people. Wether it be the general public at some godforsaken big box hell-hole, co-workers, or extended family, I know I’d rather be left alone. So I need to work toward that if I want to achieve any semblance of satisfaction.

New Years Plan

Like I mentioned early, I’m working on a bot. It’s not my first, but it’ll be my first serious attempt at monetizing it. I won’t mention what it is yet. But hopefully it can be scaled to the point where it generates enough income to invest elsewhere (mainly real-estate).

I’m not trying to get out of working, but I need to get out of working with people. If not, I’ll slowly slip into a pit of depression and loose all my drive.

So that is my main goal for the year. Generate passive income and start working remotely. Check back in a year to see if I made it, or if I’m slumped over some toilet in a dive bar complaining about conflicting merges from my coworkers between dry-heaves.

Have a great holiday.

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