Golden Handcuffs

I’m glad I’m not in retail. I’m glad I’m not busting my ass everyday on some hot roof, or in some stymie assembly line. I’m glad I get decent pay for sitting infront of a screen all day. That desk and paycheck is affectionately known as a pair of “golden handcuffs.”

We all feel it sometimes: Stare at code. hit compile. “Fuck!”. Repeat.


Then it hits you. The original title was going to be “what are ya in fer?” Who doesn’t feel like a prisoner sometimes. I know it’s the most first world thing to say, but hell, everyone has it worse than someone else.

Sometimes it feels a bit like a post office. Endless mail. No matter how many letters you send out, more comes in. Like Newman.


Sometimes it just gets really boring. Working on the same, boring project. Maybe you’ve been relegated to a certain part, like the api, or a certain feature. Sucks balls.

Thats why I think every software engineer needs a no-tech hobby. Otherwise, you’ll get burned out big time.

But hell, I’m on break now. I’m just going to try not thinking about it.

How did you get sucked into this industry?

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